Illustration of Our Lady of Fatima appearing to Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta.Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia, the Fatima visionaries.

Each month, students at Everest focus on developing a particular virtue.  During the month of October, they have been learning about being RESPONSIBLE.  Responsibility is defined as the “state or fact of having a duty, or being accountable for something; accepting the consequences of one’s words and actions, intentional and unintentional.”  The teachers are working with the students on learning important aspects of this virtue, including being modest in dress and speech, using good judgment on social networking sites, treating other people and their belongings with respect, taking care of their souls through reception of the sacraments, promptly remedying any wrongs, taking care of their duties such as homework, and more.  By way of example, the students are also learning about the apparition of Our Lady of Fatima, where the Virgin Mary appeared to three children in a small village in Portugal.  These three visionaries lived the virtue of Responsibility to heroic levels.