Zachary Felix, 1A, and second grader Kathleen Thibodeau were the students nominated for October’s Mountaineers of the Month. 

First grade teacher Miss Nilo said Felix “has been a positive influence in our class. He comes to class prepared every day…volunteers to answer questions and always submits high quality work.  He is very honest and compassionate and will help anyone in need.” 

Everest parent Mrs. Amy Quirk nominated Kathleen after she met her volunteering at the B16 Tournament last month. “All of the Moms were running around like crazy trying to get things set up, but Kathleen helped us not only get things organized in the concessions, but did so neatly and with such attention to detail, while always having a huge smile on her face and a cute little joke to tell.  She would finish a task given and ask for something more to do. What a great help she was to all of us!…It is kids like Kathleen that make me proud to send (my daughter) Sophie where we do.”  Kathleen’s teacher, Mrs. Bourdeau, said Kathleen is “an enthusiastic participant in our class.  She thinks carefully about what she is learning and shares that with the class.  She gives her all and does her best on all of her assignments….is a good example to all of her classmates….always kind and cheerful.  She includes everyone in her circle of friends.  She is generous.  Kathleen demonstrates her love for Jesus by her knowledge of her faith and her love for her family and classmates.” 

Congratulations Zachary and Kathleen!