For you we’ve been praying on our knees,
Heaven come and wake you, please. 
Jesus send his angels from above,
to cover you in love, Angela….

These are words from a song written by Br. John Klein about Angela DiLaura. (Br. John is a Legion of Christ seminarian currently stationed in Atlanta, Georgia.  To listen to the song go to

A 2013 graduate of Everest Collegiate High School and the Immaculate Conception Program, Angela was recently struck by a car while riding her bike.  She is recuperating at Mott Children’s Hospital at the University of Michigan.

Everyone’s prayers have definitely been heard by God, because the reports of her progress are very encouraging!  At the time the song was written, Angela was still in a coma.  She is now awake and in physical therapy.  Here is the most recent update, written by Angela’s parents, on the website

Monday update. Wow again. She continues to delight her Dr’s and therapists. She has whispered a few words and speech… says they think her voice is just days away.  She communicates her ability to understand with her smile and facial expressions. We went to Mass together here at the hospital on Sunday.  Father was amazed to see her.  He had anointed her when she first arrived via ambulance.  His words — “The Dr’s did not have hope for her.  Now look at her.  See what God has done!”  We have a new prayer intention for the week.  Patients often go through a period of distonia – the impulses that inhibit movement are not all triggering, so she moves her arms a lot without it being a choice.  So we ask prayers for this place that needs healing.  And so we thank you for lifting up this prayer. As I finish this, she is in speech therapy.  Trying to type at the computer !!

Angela wrote some amazing blogs last year during the Everest senior trip to the Holy Land.  Go to to read them.

Those interested can create a login on and get updates on Angela’s progress.  Please keep her in your prayers.