Everest Academy is participating again this year with Clarkston State Bank to offer Youth Savings Accounts to students.  The program allows students to create their own bank within the school, run once a month, for the duration of school year.

The purpose of the program is to teach young people the importance of learning to save money, according to Nikki Tippett, Assistant Branch Manager at Clarkston State Bank. “We feel bringing the bank to the students will encourage them to save money, as well as create a unique training experience for these students who want to work for their student bank.”

Five students were competitively selected to run the bank by 5G teacher Amanda Kosin.  The students include Lauren Marshall, Maggie Smith, Elyse Duhaime, Gwen Zych and Danielle Brown.

The girls held their first “Banking Day” on Sept. 12, 2013. They designed posters and made visits to their neighboring classes to discuss the opportunity for students to use the services of the new Everest savings account they call the “Mountaineer Money Tree.”

Students who choose to create savings accounts at the new “bank” will receive their own savings register and deposit tickets to start adding to their accounts.  There is no cost to participate, and for each deposit made, students will receive prizes from Clarkston State Bank as well as other local businesses, and an entry into the drawing to possibly win a free pool party at Goldfish Swim School in Clarkston, worth $450.