On Thursday, April 25 Everest Academy hosted the Annual Catechism Contest Finals.  It is Everest’s hope that the contest encourages our students to study and know their faith.  In the Prologue to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, it states as the purpose: “This catechism aims at presenting an organic synthesis of the essential and fundamental contents of Catholic doctrine, as regards both faith and morals, in the light of the Second Vatican Council and the whole of the Church’s Tradition.”

The top three students from the third through eighth grade’s in-class competitions had the opportunity to compete in the finals.  The first and second graders held their own in-class contest.

Each of the competitions had their own excitement, but the third through fifth grade girls went above and beyond our expectations.  The five young ladies went through all of the questions without any eliminations and therefore all five of them were declared champions!

Congratulations to all of our finalists and champions on their superior effort in this year’s contest!

Sawyer Arbogast, Tyler Carnes-Williams, Michael McGrath

3-5th Grade Boys’ Champions

     1st – Tyler Carnes-Williams

     2nd – Sawyer Arbogast

     3rd – Michael McGrath


Mrs. Radich, Andrea Gonzalvo, Brooke Cousins, Therese Allard, McKenna Lenz, Mia Wayne, Miss Peters

3-5th Grade Girls’ Champions

1st – Mia Wayne

1st – McKenna Lenz

1st – Therese Allard

1st – Brooke Cousins

1st – Andrea Gonzalvo

Maddie Allard, Sarah Stafford, Kendall Beauchamp, Miss Peters

6-8th Grade Girls’ Competition

1st – Maddie Allard

2nd – Sarah Stafford

3rd – Kendall Beauchamp


Derek Dobies, Alex Cousins, Ben Essensa, Fr. Daniel

6-8th Grade Boys’ Competition

1st – Alex Cousins

2nd – Ben Essensa

3rd – Derek Dobies


  First and Second Grade In-Class Competition Winners

Christian Lazzara
Lucy Thewes
Logan Kolodsick

First Grade – Miss Nilo

1st – Christian Lazzara

2nd – Lucy Thewes

3rd – Logan Kolodsick



Ethan Brodbeck
Alaina Byrne
Kathleen Thibodeau

First Grade – Mrs. Massarello

1st –  Ethan Brodbeck

2nd – Alaina Byrne

3rd – Kathleen Thibodeau




Audrey Stafford
Frankie Mirjah
Paul Valentino


Second Grade – Mrs. Keusch

1st –  Audrey Stafford

2nd – Frankie Mirjah

3rd – Paul Valentino

Jenna Spadafora
Jose DeNigris
Jackson Plas


Second Grade – Mrs. Bourdeau

1st –  Jenna Spadafora

2nd – Jose DeNigris

3rd – Jackson Plas