Zachary Felix - Kindergarten - Miss Farnsworth

Zachary always completes high quality work on a daily basis!  He is a leader in the classroom and is a great example to others.  Zachary is also a great friend to classmates by being kind and always including everyone.  He enjoys making visits to the chapel.



Jake Jackson - 3rd Grade - Mrs. Ohlinger

Jake is a very hard worker. He does quality work in and out of the classroom and treats his classmates with kindness and respect. He turns in his assignments on time and his appearance is always neat.  Jake has a great love of the Lord.

Kathleen Thibodeau - 1st Grade - Mrs. Massarello

Kathleen is always willing to help other students in the class who need assistance.  She is generous and kind to everyone.  Kathleen is a conscientious student whose love for Christ is evident in everything she does.



Lilian Freundl - 1st Grade - Miss Nilo

Lily is a positive role model in our class. She takes an active role in her learning by participating on a regular basis; whether it is in whole group discussions or small group activities. Lily always produces quality work. She ensures everything she completes is her best work. She is also a compassionate and generous student who offers help to anyone who needs it.