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Thank you to Clare Nalepa for writing about her experience in the Middle School Honors Band.  So without further ado…

Maddie Allard, Miss Vorwald and Clare Nalepa

On Saturday, May 4, three Everest Academy band students had the privilege of participating in the Michigan State Band and Orchestra Association (MSBOA) Honors Band: Clare Nalepa (8th grade), Maddie Allard (8th grade), and Alex Czarnecki (7th grade). The day began with band students converging at Milford High School from all over the metro area, 72 students in all, at 8 am.

Alex Czarnecki and Miss Vorwald

As soon as we arrived, we signed in, got our concert t-shirts, and sat down in the auditorium. When we received our section seatings, we began to rehearse our 5 pieces. After 4 hours of practicing, we paused for lunch. We then got the privilege to listen to a professional jazz band. It was fantastic!  As soon as the musicians packed up their instruments, we sat down for another 3 hours of music. The guest director, Susan Gould, was a great teacher. The practices weren’t stressful at all. Instead, she made them fun by cracking jokes and making the whole situation very comfortable. The time passed quickly, and soon enough we had already finished dinner and were getting dressed for the concert. One of the composers of our music was able to give us pointers on his song, and attend our concert. The concert was the best I have heard, and went off without a hitch.

2013 Michigan State Band and Orchestra Association Honors Band

The chance to attend this Honors Band was a once in a lifetime chance that I am sure none of us will ever forget. To be with a complete band/ orchestra was great. We had every single instrument a music lover could ask for: bass clarinets, French horns, Bass, a huge percussion section, trumpets, bassoons, and then the regular band instruments. It was a great experience that I will remember for forever.