2012/2013 Math Club

On February 27th and May 8th the middle school students in Michigan Math League (MML), participated in a state wide competition.  The math club adviser  Mrs. Roberts, would like thank all the students that participated in the contest.  She would also like to congratulate the top contestants from each grade level (see below).  Great job everyone!

Algebra Winners

  1st place – Fernanda Del Bosque    2nd place – Madeline Allard    3rd place tie – Sarah Stafford and Meredith Parker

8th Grade Winners

     1st place – Madeline Allard    2nd place – Fernanda Del Bosque    3rd place – Clare Nalepa

6th Grade Winners

1st place – Taylor Lenz    2nd place tie – Rachel Beltowski (not pictured) & Anna Beer


What would the end of the year be without a party!  Mrs. Roberts wanted to reward the students that gave up their lunch or recess every Wednesday to attend math club.  The party, held on May 15th, consisted of pizza, fun and prizes.

Below are comments from the Math Club participants.  It sounds like everyone really enjoyed it.  Thank you, Mrs. Roberts, for sharing your love of math with the students!


“I really enjoyed my first year of math club.  It was very different than I expected.  It was great to do math just for fun without a grade or a due date.  I was able to learn many new things with my friends.  The competition was friendly and our party at the end of the year was fantastic!  I wish I had joined sooner.”
-Madeline Allard – 8th grade student


“I really enjoyed math club.  We learned how to do things before the rest of our class did, and got to spend some really fun time with Mrs. Roberts.  While the math is fun, the best part is the party.  I love math club because you can do math without having to worry about a grade, or without having to study for exams!”
-Clare Nalepa – 8th grade student


“This year was my first year in math club.  I had a lot of fun!  My favorite part about it was getting to challenge myself mathematically.  The party at the end of the year was really fun.  I would definitely recommend joining math club.”
-Sarah Stafford – 8th grade student

“I joined math club because I like to do math.  Math is fun to me.  I have always like to do math even if it is hard.  I loved math club and I hope to join again!”
-Taylor Lenz – 6th grade student

 “For me, math club was an engaged guessing game because we didn’t know about 2/3 of the information on the 7th grade packets.  I made my relationships with other people better, and got to know Mrs. Roberts better too.  Math club was a fun get together and I wish it never ended!  THANK YOU MRS. ROBERTS!!!”

-Anna Beer – 6th grade student