2013 Igniting the Flames of Hope

What an amazing celebration!  THANK YOU to the Auction Chair, Terri Nallamothu, and the Auction Committee for leading the BEST-EVER Gala Auction in the history of Everest!  The Gross Revenue was $370,598, up 7% from last year and Net Income was $260,500, up 6%!  What Terri and her team did was nothing short of remarkable.  Yes, they surpassed last year’s best-ever financial mark but what is equally as impressive is the unity that Terri and her team had throughout the entire process.  On that note, Terri will be our 2014 Gala Auction Chair and plans for our 2014 celebration have already begun!  If you’d like to be a part of the team, contact Terri at terrinallamothu@mac.com.

As you know, this year for the first time, the live auction was facilitated by a professional auctioneer, Dan Stall.  When Dan saw the setup that night he made the comment that in all his 29 professional years he has never seen an auction event as elegant as ours.  This is not only a high compliment to this year’s gala auction team but a tribute to all the past Gala Auction chairs, and their team members, that have continuously raised the bar…Semper Altius!

As always, thank you for your continued support and generosity!

See the fabulous pictures below to get a glimpse of just how much fun was had by all!


Terri and Shivajee Nallamothu
Mike and Theresa Stafford
Thomas and Natalie Schultz
Drs. Robert and Jolanta Czarnecki
Fr. Gomez and Matt and Patty Williams
Dan and Kathleen Kelly - Grand Raffle Winners!
Drs. Jim and Ann Marie Neme