All of the Academy students gathered together for the Children’s raffle drawing on Wednesday, March 13th.

Congratulations to the Winners!

Razor Electric Scooter:     Paul Valentino – 2nd Grade

Jeep Pedal Go-Cart:   Ethan Brodbeck – 1st Grade

Beats Headphones:  Lucas Kulon – 5th Grade

Fuji Waterproof Camera:  Gus Dietrich – 2nd Grade

BMX Birthday party:  Nik Plonski – 7th Grade

Culvers Gift Certificate:  Andrew Ross – 6th Grade

iPod Nano:   Jack Rankin  – 5th Grade

Hot lunch for a month:  Catherine Smith – 3rd Grade

Cotton candy machine:  Sofia Perez Teuffer – 6th Grade


Goodie Bag Winners:

Jimmy Neme – 3rd Grade

Jackson Plas – 2nd Grade

Adelena Nini – 8th Grade

Madeline Arbogast – 5th Grade

Caroline Cross – 2nd Grade

Grace Miller – 5th Grade

Kate Engle – 5th Grade

Noah Arbogast – 1st Grade

Renata Gomez – 7th Grade

Gunther Schultz – 8th Grade