Here are the Mountaineers of the Month for December/January.  (Since December was so short, we combined it with January).  Great job Mountaineers!

Lucy Thewes – 1st Grade – Miss Nilo

Lucy is always willing to help in any way she can.  Lucy volunteers to participate in class discussions, helps console friends when they are upset, and helps her classmates if they are confused about an assignment.  She is a great leader in her classroom.

Joe Milosch – 1st Grade – Mrs. Massarello

Joe follows classroom directions and rules which helps set an example for the other children.  Joe is always respectful to teachers and adults.  He works hard to produce quality work which attracts the attention of his other classmates and encourages them to work harder.  During chapel time and prayer time he shares from his heart and is a role model to the other children to have a more intimate prayer time with our Lord.

Elyse Duhaime – 4th Grade – Mrs. Duhaime

Elyse has the heart of an Apostle.  She is always charitable with the other girls in her class.  Elyse starts her work promptly when asked and she participates in classroom activities with a positive attitude.  It’s not easy to have your mom as your teacher!

Chase Dietrich – 3rd Grade – Mrs. Ohlinger

Chase works very hard in all of his subjects and has received high marks this last quarter.  He maintains a positive attitude about anything that is asked of him.  He is very kind and generous to all of his classmates.