Erin Surmann
Miss Farnsworth
Erin is very helpful and kind to her classmates.  She works very hard on all of her assignments and completes great work.  She also loves to visit with Jesus.



Caroline Cross
2nd Grade
Mrs. Bourdeau
Caroline is an excellent student who always tries her hardest and listens to and participates in classroom discussions.  She is cheerful, responsible, always dressed according to code, organized, and possesses self-control.  She is helpful and responsive to others. Caroline includes others and is a good friend to all.  She is respectful during chapel visits and demonstrates a love for Jesus and for our Blessed Mother.

Lucas Cross
Third Grade
Mrs. Ohlinger
Lucas goes to communion every day and is very kind to all of the students in his class.  He does quality work and cooperates well with others, whether he is in the classroom or on the field.

Jackson Dueweke
4th Grade
Mr. Mitchell
Jackson has continually turned in top-notch work.  He strives to do his best in all subjects. Jackson received no checks during the month of November. Through his work and behavior, Jackson was a great role model for not only fourth grade students but the third grade as well.