This year in the boys’ middle school, we have started a new campaign called ESPN’s Top 10 Plays to focus on the positive behaviors that happen throughout the month. At the end of each month, the teachers submit a list of boys that they have seen live the motto of the school. This could include a student helping another student with homework, a student going to communion everyday, a student being honest during a recess tournament, or another student always greeting his teachers in the hallway. The 10 students are featured on the bulletin board with what they did and a picture of them. Mr. Cross then will reward them with some prize for their efforts. Congratulations to the following boys for making the Top Ten for September. Stay tuned for October’s results!

Mitch Rozwadowski
Kevin Meehan
Matthew Sitto
Thomas Thibodeau
Luis Siera
Abraham Baidon
Max Engle
Josh Legg
Alberto Backhoff
Ivan Flores