As the fourth grade boys recently finished up their first novel, Shiloh, they began a cross curricular project; combining Language Arts, Religion and Math. The class began to look for all the lies told by the main characters. Each boy was assigned a chapter to examine for lies. Some chapters had no lies while some had up to 7! Then the class created a “lying web” which is on display in the International building and pictured below. The class will also begin work on a bar graph analyzing the number of lies per character. Marty, the main character, who was also the biggest liar, is going to have the highest bar on the graph! The other graph is a line graph in which the number of lies told per chapter will be analyzed. The Graphs will also be on display in the International Building.

Here are what a few of the students learned from this lesson:

“Lies lead to more lies”- Jack

“Lies take us away from God”- Madden