Congratulations goes to Everest’s FIRST Lego League teams for their performance at the Lego Fever I competition against 47 teams from Michigan!

The Electric Pineapples took 1st place in the technical presentation for robot programming on Saturday, October 27.  The Electric Pineapples team members are Madeleine Arbogast, Meredith Parker, Alex Czarnecki, Andrew Ross, and Eric Connop and the coaches are Laura Arbogast and Floyd Dobson.   In front of eleven judges, the team had to discuss their programming and demonstrate it with their team-constructed robot. They were then given a hypothetical problem and had to tell the judges how they would write a program to solve it.

Everest’s Brobots team placed 16th in robot performance!  The team members at the competition were Joel Holmyard, Matthew Stafford, Tim McNeil, Eddie Dominguez, Emilano Ramirez-Soto, and Nathan Freundl (team members Mason Mylenek and Lucas Thewes were not able to attend this competition); they are coached by Cliff Holmyard and Tom Freundl.

Lego Fever I  was a warm up competition and the only one offered in the Lower Peninsula; it had 47 teams represented from around the state.  The regional qualifiers are on November 17.  The students had fun and represented our school well!