Kyle Westlake

Junior Kindergarten

Miss Wildrick

Kyle is a very sweet boy and he always gives his best.  Kyle is always helping his classmates and is the first to clean up when he is asked to do so.







Edan Dietz

Second Grade

Mrs. Keauch

Edan is a polite, kind girl who always tries to do her best possible.  She is obedient, observant of the rules, helpful to others, and never has an unkind word for anyone.  She always tries to do her very best work.  She prays in a respectful way and is a great role model in the chapel.





Brooke Cousins

Third Grade

Miss Cracium

Brooke is a positive, supportive, and caring member of her class.  She has an immense love of God and others and tries her best in everything she does.  She consistently sets a good example for the girls and is driven to excel.  Her respect towards others and her attitude towards her work are admirable.






Sawyer Arbogast

Third Grade

Mrs. Ohlinger

Sawyer is constantly serving the needs of others.  He helps put the rugs away after morning meeting, he created a new system of organizing classroom books, and is really trying to follow directions and turn in quality work.