First Grade Makes a Creation Snack

Mrs. Massarello and Miss Nilo’s first grade classes spent the week learning about how God created everything in seven days time. The children read a poem and made a snack that represented each item God made each day! YUM!

Creation Day Snack

Day one brought heaven and earth and light.
It must have been so very bright!
(add vanilla pudding and chocolate pudding to show light/darkness)

Day two God made the clear blue sky.
A place for many birds to fly.
(Add a spoonful of cool whip to represent the clouds in the sky)

Day three brought land apart from seas.
With all the plants grass and trees.
(Add crumbled oreos/graham cracker crumbs for “”dirt””/land)

Day four shone forth moon, stars, and sun.
the work of God was not yet done.
(Add yellow/orange M & M’s to represent stars and sun)

Day five we see the fish and birds.
God did all this with just His words.
(Add swedish gummy fish to the snack)

Day six God formed all beasts and man
To finish His creation plan.
(Add animal crackers).

Day seven was especially blessed,
A day for worship and for rest.
(Add mini marshmallows for “”pillows”” to rest)”






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