On Wednesday, March 28th the 6th grade girls visited the Cultural Center to discover more about “Becoming Michigan: From Revolution to Statehood.” They filled out a scavenger hunt form as they explored the museum. One room was dedicated to the Native American influence on quilts during that time.  They then attended a presentation entitled, “Revolutionary Detroit: Portraits in Political and Cultural Change 1760 – 1805.” The field trip ended at Macaroni Grill for lunch. A good time was had by all!

Here is what teachers and students thought of the field trip: 

Mrs. Grahm said that the field trip was very worth while. “I loved it. It was rewarding during the presentation when the 6th graders turned around to look at me when they heard something that they had learned in class.”

One of the international student, Kikue, said, “The costumes were cool.” She was refering to the red coat replica that a British solder would have wore during the war.

Lelani Neme said, “I liked the prize for completing the scavenger hunt.” Each student recieved a stress ball in the shape of a beaver.

Mrs. Roberts said, “Did you see the wedding dress from the 1800’s in the case over there. It is so different from mine.”