Recently, Mrs. Keusch’s and Mrs. Bourdeau’s second graders traveled to Flint’s Cultural Center for a day of classes.  They began the day at Longway Planetarium where students learned about the properties of liquid nitrogen which was then used to make ice cream by freezing a delicious mixture of half ‘n’ half, sugar, and vanilla.  The students mixed up the ingredients, and then the presenter poured in the liquid nitrogen, instantly freezing the mixture into delicious ice cream.

A walk across the street to the Sloan Museum took us to our next destination – lunch at the Halfway Cafe.  After lunch, we watched a Power Point presentation of various landforms – beautiful mountains, hills, rivers, lakes, valleys, plains, and even a volcano.  The students then used modeling clay to create a 3-D map of various landforms along with a map key.

The remaining time was spent exploring Sloan Museum on our own.  Andrea Gonzalvo commented, “I promise you that you will never want to leave if you take a field trip to the Longway Planetarium and Sloan Museum.”