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News from the Holy Land!

Our Seniors have taken a class trip to the Holy Land! Once they return home we will be sure to post accounts of their entire experience right here on the blog! But until then, here are a few emails with photos that we have received from Mr. Reichert, the EC principal.

“Just a quick update…We stopped at a small chapel on the outskirts of Nazareth to say Mass. After mass, the local priest gave each of us a blessing with a relic of the holy cross. We just checked into the Mary’s Well Hotel in downtown Nazareth, and we’ll be eating dinner, relaxing, and seeing the sights this evening.  Here is a picture on the street outside of the chapel where we said Mass.”


“This is the view from one of the student’s balconies at the hotel. We’ll be here a few nights. Tomorrow morning we start the day with mass at the Grotto of the Annunciation!”


“Today began with Palm Sunday Mass at the Grotto of the Annunciation in Nazareth. Here we experienced a Palm Sunday ceremony and procession outside of the grotto; this grotto also happens to be the largest Catholic church in the entire Holy Land. Below is a picture of our group outside of the grotto.  Within 100 yards of there was the Church of St. Joseph where we saw the entrance to the cave in which the holy family lived and Christ grew up. The entire group had opportunity to drop prayer requests down fifteen feet to the literal doorstep of the holy family. From Nazareth, we drove fifteen minutes through Cana to Mt. Tabor where we witnessed the sight of the transfiguration. The second picture is us in front of the Church of the Transfiguration. From the top of the hill you can see Nazareth, as it lies across the valley of Jezreel, the valley of Armageddon from the book of Revelation.  Not a bad morning, as the students said, ‘All before noon!’ We’ll spend this afternoon in Nazareth before heading to Galilee tomorrow.”

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  1. Bradley Mansour

    Hey…… we had the same tour guide when we went in 2008…….

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