Check out this kind letter we received from a mother who sent her children to Everest years ago. Her daughter, Mary Clare was featured in our latest issue of the Mountaineer Magazine. Here is what Kathleen Houlihan had to say:

Good morning, Mrs. Gheesling.  We received The Mountaineer yesterday which contains Mary Clare’s interview.  Thank you!  We are very proud of her and we know that our years at Everest helped to form who she is today (Tom and Caiti, too).

I would like Everest to know that we are grateful our children were able to attend Everest Academy.  They received an excellent education which included our Catholic faith in every lesson – taught by devoted teachers.  Our children are strong today because of their years at Everest.  I don’t mean just Mary Clare, Tom and Caiti but all the children who walk through Everest.

Thank you very much for high-lighting Mary Clare’s accomplishments.  Most of all, thank you, Everest, for getting her there.

Kathleen Houlihan