EC Broadcast Club Goes to WXYZ

What a day the Broadcast Club had yesterday…..Mrs. Gheesling took the club to the WXYZ studio!

The day started out with breakfast at Kerby’s Coney Island where the students had fun with their fellow club members.

Then, they went across the street to the news studio. Upon arrival, they were met by Tim Kochenderfer, the WXYZ 11pm news producer. He toured the students around the WXYZ offices, news room and ended in the studio where they watched the Noon Newscast! The students spent half of the newscast watching from the studio and the other half in the control room, where they witnessed what happened behind the scenes.

After the newscast, news anchors Vic Faust and JoAnne Purtan did a VERY informative Q& A session with the club.

It was a wonderful field trip and the students learned a great deal about the field of broadcast. A HUGE thank you to Tim, Vic and Joanne for spending so much time with the EC Broadcast Club – you were all an enormous inspiration to our students!

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