Great email about our Girls Varsity Basketball team

Check out the positive email about our Girls Varsity Basketball team!

I have only been an AD for a few minutes in the grand scheme of things and rarely get to sit and watch a game.  But coming out to Everest and watching your girls team play from the top of the bleachers was truly a pleasure.   Your girls varsity team plays like a very cohesive unit, they seem to understand the game of basketball very well both offensively and defensively and they also seem to understand the system your coach has implemented.   Although there were only eight girls on the team, they all knew what their responsibilities were when they were on the floor.   On defense they pressured us on the in-bound plays, they intercepted passes, forced turnovers and forced us to take multiple shots beyond the 3-point arc because we could not penetrate the paint.

Offensively your team always played under control, they created open, short shot opportunities by excellent ball movement and player movement.

I commend you and your coach on an excellent program and wish you well on your season.


Bruce Brinson

Director of Administration/CFO

Detroit Cristo Rey High School

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