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Our 7th grade girls visited an early 1900’s period school where they had a fun-filled, educational day!

First, they completed a lesson on penmanship, math, and reciting.  They used the chalkboards, and the Copy Book’s they made.  Then they had a recess with period games, “Annie-I-Over” where they threw a ball over the roof of the building for students to catch on the other side. They also played with rolling hoops and enjoyed the nice weather outside that day.

Then the volunteer tour guides took the girls on a tour of the museum where they saw 1900’s farm tools, a fire engine, bedwarmers and quilts, a player piano, a military exhibit, and a 100 year old rug weaving loom.

Finally they all churned butter and ate it spread atop homemade bread.  When they got back to class they wrote essays on the similarities and/or differences of the old ways versus the new.  One aspect many students mentioned was the use of the “dunce cap” for punishment; they were so glad Everest Academy does not use that method of classroom management!