Check out all the EC Clubs!

This year at Everest Collegiate, the faculty has started LOTS of new clubs! What’s even more exciting is that every single EC student is signed up for one of these clubs!!!!  What a GREAT experience for our students!

Campus Ministry:
The mission of campus ministry at Everest Collegiate is to raise awareness of our Catholic traditions among students, staff and faculty by:

  • Providing a place for prayer and faith study
  • Fostering devotion to the Mass, the Holy Eucharist,  and the reading of the Sacred Scriptures
  • Bringing student-led music and a vibrant spirit of worship to theEverest Collegiatemasses
  • Promoting good friendships and faith  sharing
  • Offering an opportunity for service to the  community

Campus ministry will include organizing events on and off campus, including organizing the First Friday Mass, training altar servers, lector, music ministry, bible studies, apologetics, and group rosaries.

Creative Writing:
Creative Writing Club is a chance for students to enhance their writing skills outside of the academic framework.  We will focus on three genres: poetry, fiction, and drama. Students will develop a deeper appreciation of these genres through study, discussion, and written work. In this club students will also become more confident with their voices and their ability to work as a writing community.

So you think you can dance?  Well, even if you can’t, come join in the fun in our new Dance Club.  Brush up on your Ball Room Dancing, Line Dancing, Tap Dancing, Cha Cha, Square Dancing – any kind you can think of and more.  No experience needed. If you can play a musical instrument this could be the club for you.  Don’t be shy – this is strictly for fun – no pressure!!

Journalism and Broadcast:
This year, the EC Journalism/Broadcast Club will be in charge of a VERY exciting project. Our club will be producing a series of newscasts which will air on our blog, the Clarkston TV website, and Comcast Cable TV! If you are interested in any of the following, join our club:

  • Public Speaking
  • Acting
  • Broadcast
  • Video
  • Video Editing
  • Writing scripts/articles
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design

Math League:
Created by God and discovered by man, mathematics has long been the study of every civilization.  Math League gives students an opportunity to compete against other schools in a mathematics driven format. Students will be able to increase their knowledge of mathematics and tackle extremely interesting and challenging problems throughout the year.  Math League will boost your IQ and look great on a college application.

Learn the Game:
Learn the game is the club for the students who love to strategize! Games not only foster teamwork, but also encourage teambuilding, cooperative learning, and critical thinking – all in a safe learning environment. Our game club will participate in the following historically based games:

  • Risk
  • Stratego
  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Scrabble
  • Monopoly

Love for Science:
This club is ideal for students who love science in the natural world around them! This club will give students the opportunity to research and design experiments sparked by their personal interests.  The Science Club will also recreate experiments from the television show Mythbusters.

This club is dedicated to capturing the many memories and achievements thatEverest Collegiatestudents created year-round. Through journalism pursuits, active photography at school events, and documentation of students’ successes, the yearbook club will produce a final memory that all can share. Students will take pride in the school’s first graduating high school class. Seniors will have an unforgettable memory, and the yearbook will mirror that pride and those memories.

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