EC Award Winners

A big congrats to all of our outstanding EC students who have made it through another year of high school! A special congratulations to all of our award winners below. For more pictures from all of the Everest Closing Ceremonies click HERE.

Attendance: Students who have attended school each scheduled day of the current school year   This year

11G:  Miranda Ferguson
10B:  Thomas Lannen
11B:  Patrick Nalepa
11B:  Sam Bellestri

Leadership: This award is granted to the students who have lived the spirit of leadership espoused by the school, demonstrated by their daily contribution in conduct and effort to the good of the school community.

9G:  Megan Luttinen
9B:   Adam Goeringer
10G:  Monica Lee
10B:  Ben Bates
11G:  Mikayla Thibodeau
11B:  Patrick Nalepa

Apostolic Award: This award is granted to the students who have distinguished themselves by actively and constantly working to bring Christ’s message to others, both in school and out.

9G:  Shannon DiSalle
9B:   Patrick Denis
10G: Maura Wilson
10B: Gabe Fenske
11G:  Sarah Luttinen
11B:  Jacob Stafford

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