We wanted to share with you a letter we received from a parent of an Everest student. What a beautiful description of the gratitude we have towards ALL of our teachers here at Everest. THANK YOU TEACHERS! You are the heart and soul of Everest!

I wish to thank Everest for hiring Miss Gallagher and express what an absolutely exceptional experience it is to have a child in her class.

I went to a public school kindergarten, and then Catholic school for elementary.  One might think that it makes no sense to pay tuition to send a kindergartner to a private school – isn’t it just glorified babysitting, with some rudimentary learning thrown in?  What does public vs. private matter?

In any event with Everest this would not be the case, because at a key and impressionable age, the faith instilled at home is fully bolstered by the environment experienced at school.  In any event, with Everest, there would arguably be even more return on the tuition investment in kindergarten than in other grades because of the crucial formation stage the child is passing through.

But Miss Gallagher takes that experience to a stratospheric new level.  It is my belief that, at this and earlier ages, children drink in their growing faith and trust in God through the love and care that is given to them, even more than through the material taught to them; they learn about God intellectually as they experience Him and His love through the proxy of the adults in their lives.  This is where Miss Gallagher blows away expectations.  Her heart is deeply invested in each child, as evidenced by her every act with them.  She extends into the classroom not only the material that we try to pass on, but also the selfless love we seek to give, and thus constitutes a faithful and important bridge to our child’s relationship with God.

Miss Gallagher is an answer to prayer and a beautiful gift of God for our child, a transparent proxy of of God’s love for the children she teaches.  And I personally cannot imagine a vocation more noble to which a person could be called than the one to which she has responded to so well.  This year we gave her a thank you gift of my brother’s book A Heart Like His.  It occurred to me today that this title could well be used for a book about Miss Gallagher’s teaching style.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Matthew Williams