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Project Hope

EC students, Hannah Terbrack, Mikayla Thibadeau, Annie Toohey, Christen Ireland, Sarah Lutinnen, Gina Berishaj, and Leah Lambertson have produced an AMAZING video called Project Hope.

In Ms. Mansour’s religion class, students were asked to create and produce their own film depicting the “Splendor of the Church”…what makes the Catholic Church still shine brilliantly today. This is what our brilliant students came up with. ENJOY!


  1. Marek Dziekonski

    Great job you guys! Soooo proud of you! :)

  2. angela mawson

    Absolutely Amazing! Fabulous job!
    Mrs. Mawson

  3. Miss Celine Kelly

    Well done, ladies!
    Suffering is a tragic consequence of original sin.
    Christ came to save us through His suffering on the Cross.
    He redeemed our suffering too and gives it meaning and value.
    I hope you will always find comfort in faith and joy in hope.
    God Bless!
    Miss Kelly

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