MML Results are in!

On February 23rd and May 18th the middle school students in Michigan Math League (MML), participated in a state wide competition.  The math club advisors, Ms. Bobrowiecki and Mr. DeLisle, would like thank all the students that participated in the contest.  They would also like to congratulate the top three contestants from each grade level (see below).  These students will be receiving a certificate of merit at the end of the school year.  Great job everyone!

The Girls School

Alg: 1st – Jessica Caruso

2nd – Monica Toohey

3rd – Paulina Czarnecki

8th: 1st – Haley Ross

2nd – Jessica Caruso

3rd – Monika Reaume

7th: 1st – Paulina Czarnecki

2nd – Ann-Cathrin Guertler

3rd – Emily Hampel

6th: 1st – Clare Nalepa

2nd – Grace Hankes

3rd – Danuta Teklinski

The Boys School

Alg: 1st – Francisco Morfin

2nd – Adam Legg

3rd – Danny McMahon

Jose Reyes

Ben Bellestri

Roberto Rivadenyra

8th: 1st – Francisco Morfin

2nd – Nathan Hoffman

3rd – Adam Zuelke

Roberto Rivadeneyra

Sal Mastromatteo

7th: 1st – Jorge Dominguez

2nd – Borja Eguiguren

Jaime Vidal

3rd – Mitchell Wodrich

6th: 1st – Joshua Johnson

2nd – Ben Essensa

3rd – Esteban Moran

Joey McMahon

Ryan Genord

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