What a great Fine Arts Night at Everest this year! Fine Arts Night is a special night for our students to shine and boy, did they ever! Grades 3-8 choir put on a wonderful performance as well as the 5th through 8th grades bands.  Our students beautiful art pieces from the school year was on display too! A HUGE thank you to Miss Vorwald and Mr. Pintek for putting this amazing night together.

Check out the award winners below. Pictures to come!

Director’s Award for Good Leadership in Choir
The Director’s Award for Good Leadership in Choir recognizes a student from each choir class who had a noticeable positive attitude and set a good example for his/her classmates throughout the year.  This award goes to a choir student who participated well in class by listening and singing, which are important qualities in a musician.  One person from each choir class was chosen to receive this award.  Please hold your applause until all the names have been called.

3B: Joshua Martin                      3G:  Libbey Stacey

4B:  Mitchell Lowney                  4G:  Anna Beer

5B:  Nathan Thewes                   5G:  Elise Allard

6B:  Joey McMahon                   6G:  Grace Hankes

7B:  Tyler Rozwadowski             7G:  Emma Taylor

8B:  Carlos Gomez                    8G1:  MaJo Puga           8G2:  Monica Lis-Planells

Director’s Award for Excellent Musicianship
This award recognizes a band student who demonstrates the qualities of an excellent musician: teamwork, listening, positive attitude, good technique, attention to detail, discipline, and expression.  This high honor is awarded to…

Madeline Allard

Most Improved Award
This award recognizes a band student who has shown great improvement on their instrument throughout the course of the school year.  This requires a positive attitude, ambition, and lots of hard work.  This award goes to …

Elizabeth Hart

Most-Practiced Instrumentalist Award
This award goes to a student from each band class who exceeded the required practice time for the most number of weeks.  Because practice helps us improve faster, these students deserve to be recognized.

Athena LeVigne

Alex Czarnecki

Maddie Allard

Tomasz Cichoracki

Brendan O’Neil