Today, the Everest Collegiate JRN Club visited Fathead to see what they could do in the “real world” with their creative talents. The girls spent the day chatting with some AWESOME Fathead team members about what they do at Fathead. They talked about the different aspects of the company and explained to the students that there are a lot of  “cool” jobs for creative people. Everyone from writers, graphic designers, website designers & sales people LOVE working at Fathead. A HUGE thank you to everyone at Fathead for making a great learning experience so much fun!

Also, stay tuned for Everest Fatheads…they are coming soon!!!

Patrick McInnis, Fathead’s C.E.O., sits down with the group to talk about what it takes to be successful in the business world and what companies like theirs look for in young talent.

Becky Friedman, Email Marketing Manager, Michael Layne, Director of Internet Marketing, Jake Mahoney, Sr. Media & Social Media Manager, Ginny Widner, Executive Assistant, Molly McLeod, Internet Marketing Specialist & Denny Jinsky, Design Team Leader talk to the girls about how their teams work together to create Fatheads.

Ginny talks about how important it is to monitor their website analytics & sales numbers around the clock!

Students spend time shadowing to see what team members do day – to – day.