Everest wishes everyone a blessed Easter. Here are some great tips on how to make your Holy Week HOLY!

Just for today, give up eating or drinking something you like.
Say grace before meals.
Instead of watching TV, read a passage of the Gospel and think of a way you can live it out.
Take the money you were going to spend on yourself and give it to someone who needs it.

Holy Thursday
Do a hidden act of charity, or find some way to help another.
Tell a family member how much you love them.
Check to see how much time you dedicate to material, social, or spiritual things in your life
Go to Mass with a friend.

Good Friday
Jesus died for you. Is there something you can do for him? Do it!
Pray the Stations of the Cross / Receive communion to accompany Christ, offering up a sacrifice for someone
If today was the last day of your life, what more would you like to have done?
Think about your loved ones who don’t have faith and pray for them.

Holy Saturday
Get up 5 minutes earlier. Pray a rosary to Our Lady, offering it for vocations.
Visit a sick or elderly person.
Forgive yourself for all you haven’t done or haven’t been able to make happen throughout your life.
Clean out and organize something in your house -a dresser drawer, a broken cupboard and give to charity what you don’t use.

Easter Sunday
Don’t let today just be another ordinary day in your life; do something extra in your family life.
Put a note on your bathroom mirror that says, “Today is dedicated to God.”
Share good news with someone.
Celebrate the Resurrection of Christ!