Apostolic Service Projects

Apostolic Service projects are designed to help students learn about improving their world by serving as Catholic Christian leaders and apostles of faith. Our projects respond to the needs of the Church and the community in order to spread justice and love. Through a vibrant apostolic life, students discover Christ in teamwork, initiative and perseverance. Social awareness is a universal mission we want all of our students to personally understand in their life’s journey.Links to a sampling of the apostolic service projects Everest students participate in appear below.


Everest “family” supports Race for Vocations
Everest 5th Grade Boys Visit Gleaners Food Bank
EA 5th and 6th Grade Boys Basketball Team Helps Habitat for Humanity

Middle School

EA Middle School Girls Serve Through Apostolic Projects
EA Boys Volunteer at the Michigan Victory Games
A New Tradition Begins – Everest Monthly Missions!

High School

A Wrap Up of the EC Experience with Pope Francis in Philadelphia
EC Freshmen Football Players Participate in Detroit Service Project
Everest Collegiate Students Attend 2015 March for Life
Tutoring underprivileged children

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