Tuition Rates

2017-18 Tuition Rates

Preschool Jr. Kindergarten &
(1st – 5th)
Middle School
(6th – 8th)
High School
(9th – 12th)
Three Half Days (M/W/F)
AM: $4,910/year
PM: $1,720/year*
Five Half Days (M-F)
AM: $6,420/year
PM: $2,980/year*
$9,400/year $9,400/year $9,995/year $12,995/year

International students additional fee: $3,000/year**
*PM session is only available in conjunction with the AM session
**International students general information and pricing at

Family Discount Plan

  • 1st Child: Full Tuition
  • 2nd Child: Full Tuition
  • 3rd Child Discount: 15% Discount
  • 4th Child Discount: 15% Discount
  • Each Additional Child: Free

Loyalty Tuition Credit Program

For every Academy grade your child successfully completes at Everest, you will receive a $500 credit which can be applied toward Everest Collegiate High School tuition. A student can earn up to $6,000 by completing each grade level offered at Everest Academy (Preschool–8th grade). Once your child is accepted into Everest Collegiate High School, you may apply up to $2,000 of tuition credit per school year.

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