Future Everest Scientists

A big congratulations to our 2011 Science Fair Winners!

6th Grade Boys

1st Ryan Genord – “Paper Towel Strength”

2nd Ryan Hoffman – “What Will Preserve Fruit the Best?”

3rd Jackson Stowe – “National Brand vs. Store Brand”

Honorable Mention – Michael Sitto – “”Wrap It Up!”

Honorable Mention –  Nick Santarossa – “”What Does Surface Size Have To Do With It?”

7the Grade Boys

1st Bradley Mansour – “What Materials Shield X-Ray Radiation the Best?”

2nd Grant Smith – “Which Color Candle Burns the Fastest?”

2nd Xavier Engle – “How Fast Can You React?”

3rd Luke Allen – “The Jump Shot”

Honorable Mention Hunter McDonald – “Clean Money”

Honorable Mention Tyler Rozwadowski – “Which Freezes Faster? Hot or Cold Water.”

8th Grade Boys

1st Ben Bellestri – “How Much Water Separates From Yogurt?”

2nd Josh Ferguson – “How Many Dice Will Sink An Aluminum Foil Dinghy?”

2nd Joe Terbrack – “Packing Protection”

3rd Danny McMahon – “Backboard Or No Backboard?”

Honorable Mention Adam Legg – “Where Does Water Evaporate the Fastest?”

Honorable Mention  Brendan O’Neil – “Do Fruit or Mint Mentos Produce the Largest Geyser?”

6th Grade Girls

1st Lucy Rosa – “Good Seed Bad Seed”

2nd Brooke Funke -“Which cleaner works best?”

3rd Maggie Greenen and Grace Hankes – “How does temperature affect glowsticks”

3rd Maddie Allard – “High pressure situation”

Honorable Mention Clare Nalepa and Sarah Stafford -“Climate with a crunch”

Honorable Mention  Jessie Chapdelaine – “Why Do some objects fall faster than others?”

7th Grade Girls

1st Grace Leonard – “Garden Secrets”

2nd Morgan Quinn – “Breaking Bridges”

3rd Carly Sutkiewicz and Pamela Hernandez – ” Can you fool your taste buds?”

Honorable Mention Ann-Cathrin Guertler – “Solar Power”

Honorable Mention Emma Taylor – “BAC Attack”

8th Grade Girls

1st Miranda Daugherty and Morgan Gales – “Kowabunga”

2nd Savannah Litton – “Which type of coke cleans a penny the best”

2nd Claire Lasceski and Hannah Burgess – “Swinging Strings”

3rd Haley Ross -“How does the number of eggs in a cake affect how it tastes?”

3rd Ginny Villarreal -” Can a coin make a flower last longer?”

Honorable Mention  Claire Kitz – “The effects of temperature and dish washing soap on oil spills”

Honorable Mention Lucy Cousens and Monika Reaume – ” Is good taste worth the calories?”

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