Great Job, Middle School Catechism Contest Winners!

Recently, the Girls’ Middle School had their Catechism Contest.  Finalists for 6th grade were Grace Hankes, Lucy Rosa and Maddie Allard.  Finalists for the 7th grade in a tough competition were Ann-Cathrin Guertler, Becca Luttinen and Emma Taylor.  Because we have two 8th grade classrooms we had 3 finalists from each class.  For 8G1 we had Sofia Padilla, Monika Reaume and Haley Ross.  8G2 was represented by Savanah Litton, Monica Toohey and Maria Belden.

The top prize for the 6th grade went to Maddie Allard.  For 7th grade kudos go to Emma Taylor.  The 8th grade prize goes to International Student Sofia Padilla.

Congratulations everyone for your participation!  We love our faith!

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