5th Grade Choir Students are Poets!

The fifth grade choir classes wrote poems about bells following the model of Edgar Allen Poe’s poem, The Bells.  Here are a couple samples of the GREAT poetry they came up with:

Bells by Elise Allard, 5G

Bells sound so beautiful

The ding dong dong

Their little ring or big

They sound through the night

Big or small you can hear them all!

Silver, gold always ringing

Ding dong ding dong

Bells by Alex Cousins, 5B

Bells make music – they’re very loud

They make the church very proud.

To hear those bells go ring, ring, ring

Make the people feel the bells

Of gold, silver, and even bronze

They help the church dive into song

The bells sound amazing it is true

The sound that comes from me to you

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  1. lauren mawson

    Good job Elise! Love, Lauren

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