Pre-School loves Jesus

Christ told us we that the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who become like children.  When Mrs. Chiodo’s Pre-School class makes a visit to the chapel we can discover the reason behind His words.  On any given day that Pre-School is in session you will find Mrs. Ferguson faithfully leading groups of 3-4 youngsters to the chapel to visit Jesus.  After genuflecting (or at least trying—which knee is the right knee, again?) the children kneel in the front row and say their morning greetings to Jesus and to Mary.  Mrs. Ferguson quizzes them on the meaning of the little red lamp that is in the corner and invariably one will respond with the correct answer:  “It means Jesus is here!”  Their formal prayers (Our Father and Hail Mary) need a bit more practice, but the kids try and by the end of the year will have no problems.  Often, the prayers are interrupted.  Simon states: “Jesus has a boo boo,” and Will interjects “I love you Jesus!” Before leaving all once more make a genuflection and the sign of the cross, and Maximus insists on touching the crucifix and the statue of Mary, carefully placing a kissed hand and the feet of Jesus and Mary.  In the end, after witnessing a visit by the Pre-School to the chapel, one realizes that to make Jesus happy we don’t have to do anything extraordinary, but just become
like one of these children.

Article by, Miss Crea, Religion Teacher

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