Childrens’ Day at Everest!

At Everest, Childrens’ Day began many years ago to celebrate the Feast of the Guardian Angels.  It’s a fun day, celebrating the children and their ever present protectors, the guardian angels.  This is a yearly activity which includes a celebration of our guardian angel an extra recess, and a decorated angel cookie.

Luke W. was asked why he got this angel cookie today, and his answer was perfect in every way, “We get these cookies for our guardian angels. There are three angels. Two of them are Gabriel and Michael. Gabriel brought the good news to Mary and Michael protects us from Satan.”

Some discussion of the guardian angels takes place in the classroom, while they enjoy their delicious cookies. All of the children I met were very polite when a group of us came in for pictures and questions. All of them had the right answer as to why they got this angel cookie on this very special day. To celebrate our very own guardian angels!

Article by, Logan McCarthy, EC Journalism Club

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