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Another GREAT B-16 Sports Tournament

Challenge Everest hosted the annual B-16 Sports Tournament for  107 girls ages 10-15. The tournament included basketball, floor hockey, soccer, quiz bowl, apostolic projects and adoration time in the chapel. The purpose of the event is to offer the girls a competitive and friendly atmosphere where they can live their faith, and have fun at the same time.

Check out what a few girls had to say about the AWESOME time they had:

‘It seems like the weekend flew by, we were all having so much fun.’ Maria Jose Puga

‘I usually love to play sports, but this is different because I know I am playing against my friends. We still get competitive, but we know that no mater if I win or they do, we still party together at the end.’ Maggie Greenan

‘I really enjoyed it! It was so much fun, ran really smoothly, and I’d do it again if I could.’ Madeline Cross

Pictures by, Mary Jo Allen, EC Journalism Club

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