Grove City: The First of Many Colleges to Visit Everest Collegiate

We were very excited that Grove City College visited our Everest Collegiate High School juniors. There were eight juniors in attendance, and all students were interested in learning more about this college and what it had to offer. Grove City College is located in Grove City PA, and is non-denominational Christian College with a high value on spirituality. The representative was able to provide students with a great deal of information about Grove City including a wide variety of majors, a glimpse of campus life, and that there is a priest on campus who holds office hours for students. For additional information on Grove City College please visit their website at

A variety of colleges will be visiting our students throughout the year. Mrs. Reda and Mr. Reichert have scheduled these visits to ensure our students have all the information necessary to decide what college is perfect for them. If you have any questions contact Mrs. Reda at: 248-241-9061 or

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