5th Grade Girls Have a New Pet!

Meet our 5th Grade Girls.

On a normal Tuesday they were in class with Miss Kosin. During her lesson Miss Kosin noticed a shadow on the window. She walked over to the window to see what it was…. as she got closer she saw a spider with a smile on its back! They all ran outside to meet their new friend and that’s how the 5th Grade Girls got their new class pet, a smiley spider!


  1. Mary Beth

    ooooh spidey!! yikes!

  2. Mrs. DiSalle

    Miss Spider is very colorful……for a spider!
    Does anyone want a Guinnea Pig named Bumpy Cake? She’s about 1 1/2 yrs. old, and we have to share her with others. We adopted her last year, and she is a sweetheart, never bites, very cuddly.

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