Everest Students Learn K4J Loyalty

Yesterday during their recess, the 8th grade 1 girls presented a skit introducing the K4J virtue of the month for September:  Loyalty.  “It is important to be loyal,” 8th grader Jessica Caruso reminded the kids, “When we are loyal we love God and others, no matter if it is fun and easy or sometimes really hard!”  Using St. Peter as an example the 8th grade students showed the kids how to be a loyal friend of Jesus.

After the skit, the 8th grade 2 students joined their peers on the stage to present the song for the month “Zipperfish.”  Each of the K4J students will receive a small fish that they attach to their zipper.  Every time they pull up their zipper, they ask Jesus to make them a loyal friend.  The rest of the mission for the month is explained in the take home packets so that the kids can practice the virtue at home as well.

The Middle School students are excited to have the opportunity to present the K4J virtue each month.  They will normally present the first Wednesday of every month and periodically make classroom visits to help reinforce the virtue.

THANK YOU to the 8th grade girls and Ms. Crea for helping to form our wonderful students!

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