Everest 10th Grade Girls Participate in Missions in Tetela de Ocampo, Puebla, Mexico

We couldn’t be more proud of our 10th grade girls! They traveled all the way to Mexico to volunteer their time to help the less fortunate. While they were there the girls visited homes in the mountains to assist the people that lived there and invite them parish activities. They also organized activities such as Stations of the Cross, Veneration of the Cross, Catechism lessons for both adults and children, gave talks on Theology of the Body to teens, invited people to Confession and prepared them for the sacraments.

“This mission was the best experience of my whole life. I never expected it to change me but it did. I am coming back with more conviction and decision to live my faith on my own.” Bea Navarro

“It’s amazing to be able to be a part of this! I love it!” Christen Ireland

What a GREAT example self-giving and generosity! 

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