1. Mary McMahon

    Great job girls!

  2. Mrs. Lowney

    Awesome Job Girls – All the time you spent on this play paid off. Thanks Ms. Nicholson for being such a wonderful teacher. Our daughters have loved having you as their teacher. WILBUR and MR. ZUCKERMAN ROCK!!!

  3. Eagle

    What a great job! All the girls did such a fantastic job! Thank you Miss Nicholson for your hard work. Wilbur to cute! That girl must be an actress! Fern excellent job, Old sheep what a performance, and Charlotte very well done, the rat, Mr. Zuckerman awesome! Everyone did a great job and it was very enjoyable to watch:)

  4. Valerie Fifelski

    The girls did a marvelous job! It seemed like they all enjoyed their part. Event the backdrop was stunning! Dr. Cronin, I think we have some real potential for the High School in a few years!

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