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EC Journalism Club Student Reflects on Prolife Conference

Everest Collegiate High School students in front of the Prolife sign on the Everest campus


Story by, Diana Zott, EC Journalism Club student

Life. It is such a short word, but holds so much meaning.

Life is given to us by God, and He calls each of us to serve Him in many different ways throughout our lives. Every person God creates deserves life. Every person God creates deserves a chance to experience what He has in store for them. Who would want to annihilate a person’s opportunity to live?

Surprisingly, there are people who believe this is acceptable. As Catholics and Christians, we are called by God to guide these people, and show them that life is a gift, not a burden. We are called to show them that every life is precious. This is why the Prolife Youth Conference was created.

This year, the Prolife Youth Conference was held at Everest Collegiate High School on April 17, 2010. Organizers said it was extremely successful, and more people attended than ever before.  More than 350 young people registered and more than 550 were in attendance when Detroit Archbishop Alan Vigneron celebrated Mass.

Angela Napalotano, a junior at Michigan State University, led one of the conference breakout sessions for girls. “Thank you for inviting me to be a part of such a wonderful event!” she said. “It was amazing and inspiring being around so many of our youth who are passionate about their faith and beliefs. You did an incredible job organizing this event.  There was something for all age groups. The adoration and confession were wonderful as well. What a beautiful day!”

Maura Wilson, a freshman at Everest Collegiate and one of the event’s organizers said, “In a society that doesn’t portray abortion as a bad thing, it was very beautiful to see so many young men and women sharing their beliefs on how it very much is a bad thing.”

The conference offered opportunities for youth to learn ways to defend their beliefs in our society and remain strong in their faith, no matter what temptations arise. It was filled with beautiful talks from people who experienced the emotional and physical pain of undergoing an abortion and even people who have survived an abortion. Each talk helped those attending to look at abortion from a different angle. There were also talks about how to prevent being in the situation of having to decide to abort or not to abort.  (Click link to see the impressive list of speakers.) Bracelets were available that said “worth waiting for,” along with bookmarks, prayer cards, and more.

After attending this conference, I now appreciate my faith even more. It brought me closer to Christ, and allowed me to see how much hope there is in our world. With more Prolife Youth Conferences in the future, we can continue to serve God and save more lives!


  1. Valerie Fifelski

    The response from the teens who attended was incredible! The speakers were fabulous, and they really spoke to the kids about issues that were important to them. Many students had a great experience and are looking forward to bringing their friends next year! Thank you to all who were involved!

  2. Valerie Fifelski

    One of the girls who came from another school in Detroit told me she ‘wishes she had a school where kids could talk about these issues so openly.’ God Bless the Everest Team!

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