Play Ball!

It was a very exciting morning here at Everest! Today, Fr. Daniel blessed our NEW red clay softball/baseball diamond!! All of the students gathered outside to witness the new diamond being blessed and the first pitches being thrown by Miss Hearn and Fr. Daniel. A BIG thank you to all the parents whose hard work and dedication to our athletic program made this field possible! Check out the video highlights and pictures of this special event:  

Photos by Marek Dziekonski


  1. Marek Dziekonski

    Great pictures ;)… and the new field is a blast!

  2. Everest Admin

    I agree! Best photographer around! Click on the link at the bottom of this entry to see who took them 😉

  3. Eagle

    Mrs. Lowney, thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to the school. You are such a blessing and I am sure the boys and girls will have a lot of fun on our new baseball field.

  4. Chris Cross

    Fr. Daniel — I was a little nervous your throw was going to be a “wild pitch” I’m happy to see you didn’t let the pressure get to you!

  5. Valerie Fifelski

    The pictures really are great! This was a good day for everyone! Mrs. Lowney, thank you for all your hard work to make the sports program what it is!

  6. monica t.

    so much fun to play on…definetly worth the time and committment. 🙂 😉

  7. monica t.


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