A Ten Year Anniversary Calls for a Celebration!

For the past ten years, Everest Academy has hosted international students from grades 6-8. This provides the all of our students with a valuable multi-cultural learning experience. This year Everest Girls International Academy celebrated its 10th Anniversary with an alumni reunion in Clarkston, Michigan. The alumni from the past ten years came back to Michigan from all over the world to celebrate!
Check out all the fun they had at their Anniversary Celebration:

Returning to their old dorms
Spending time together in Downtown Rochester Shopping at Somerset Mall
Enjoying the gardens and landscapes at the Academy dormitories
The alumni getting to see the American students and families, which they formed great friendships with while they lived in Michigan
  On Saturday night, the 10th Anniversary Dinner took place. More than 80 alumni, current Everest students, teachers and formators attended this great event. During the event, all of the guests remembered the great experiences they shared together.



 Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this event happen!
Everyone had such a wonderful evening spending time with life-long friends.


  1. Kylie J.

    What a fun time! I miss all of you! Can’t wait to have another reunion

  2. Mrs. Lowney

    Thanks Ms. Cantu for the wonderful job you do running the girls boarding program at Everest. Everyone associated with Everest is fortunate to have the opportunity each year to meet 25+ girls, learn about their culture and their families and see them grow through the course of the year. No other school in the area gives their students this experience. Thanks again for all your hard work.

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