An Interview With Our “Principal”


Today our very own 5th grader, Kayla, spent the day as Everest’s Principal. She did a wonderful job! See what she has to say about her experience as the principal…..

Video produced by Kylie Johnston & Monica Toohey, Middle School Journalism Club students.

Starting the day as the principal

Morning announcements brought to you by Kayla!

Now time to read to the younger students.

A principal’s work is never done!

Now the tough part…giving out detentions!

Time to relax and have lunch with friends!

A great way to end the day, cupcakes for all!


  1. Kersten E.

    Hope u had fun Kayla!!! i wish i could be principal!!!!

  2. Monica

    the interview was fantastic! kayla, good job, and the interviewer too!

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