Ms. Bobrowiecki’s Pi Day

Ms. Bobrowiecki’s middle school math students celebrated Pi-Day on Friday, March 12 by eating pie and participating in math activities that helped students to understand facts about the irrational number pi (3.14159…..).

 “I want my students to understand just how cool the number pi is!  So for one day I have a math party so the students won’t forget,” said Ms. B.

The sixth graders decorate a T-shirt with 5 facts that they researched.  They also read the book “Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi.”  The seventh graders researched three facts about the number pi and displayed them on a paper plate along with the plate’s area and circumference.  They also make a visual representation of the number pi in the form of a colorful quilt.  The eighth graders measured the diameter and circumference of a pie in order to find the number pi.  They also designed advertisements for pi products.  Of course, all grades ate pie and had a great time while learning about this special number.

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